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Sadoyan, Alexander
Abstract paintings by Alexander Sadoyan
Saenz, James
Sakai, Hiroko
Wings: Japanesque, Emotion, Love, Humorous, Zodiac Signs, Wonderland
Sala, Pilar
Sala, Pilar
Pilar Sala's delightful naive art will enchant you. Her galeria is as colorful as you could wish.
Salituri, Gail
Welcome to my gallery. Here you will find the orignals and prints of national artists, Thomas Kinkade,Leonard Wren, Karen Noles, Gail Salituri, Clark and more.
Wings: Original Oil Paintings, Lithographs, Thomas Kinkade Canvas, Works in Progress, Giclee
Salmeron, Alejandro
Sananman, David
“My work is a mediation between the spiritual and the metaphysical. Reality is not as concrete as we all would like to think, this is one of the issues I deal with in my art. The art I create is part of a visual vocabulary, a constantly evolving personal language. I hope that the realization and bringing to life of my work that is non-mimetic and breaks from the illusion of representation and literal convention. I try to bring forth the indecipherable images, in my mind, into our shared reality.
Wings: Paintings, Prints, Multimedia, Postcards, Postcards, Watercolors
Sanches, Rogério Fuzato
site dedicated to three awarded Surrealist Brazilian Painters. One of them took part of a collective exhibition which included Pablo Picasso, Otávio de Araújo and Vitor Campanella.
Wings: abstract, surrealismo
Sands, Debbie Featured!
Debbie has been working with clay for 10 years and has shown in several galleries throughout South Florida, the Edison/Ford Winter Estates and has pieces in private collections nation wide as well as Japan, Scotland, England and Canada. Items include decorative items and 19th century style functional ware.
Wings: Functional Art, Decorative, Lamps

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