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Tad Arts Private Limited
Tad Arts Pvt.. Ltd.
Tait, Jim
The oil paintings and Giclee fine art prints of Shetland marine artist Jim Tait, who creates dramatic and realistic seas and skies as backdrops to his seascape and landscape works.
Wings: Prints
Tal, Drew
Wings: Drew Tal Gallery
Tallis Man
Talpes, Adela
Tamir, Chaim
My sculptures are figurative and done with innovative elements... My paintings are impressionistic, contemporary and minimalist. The techniques are oil, acrylic, aquarelle, and mixed media. In my sculptures I try to combine old and new. I describe the substance and spirit of the figures, through vibrate lines and rough textures...
Wings: Sculptures, Oil paintings, Acrylic paintings, Aquarelles, Drawing
Tankersley, Heather Featured!
Heather Tankersley's work ranges from surreal and fantasy, perhaps a little romanticism, to humorous expressions. Her passion, her pain, her joy, her strength, and her spirituality comes through her work. She accepts custom jobs for illustration, logos, and Tshirt designs.
Wings: Horse Art, Humor, Garden Variety
Tanner, Anne
Anne Tanner is a visionary, an inspired artist. These paintings are derived from some of the beautiful scenery to be found in England. As a young person, she showed great talent and creativity in both music and art. Always relentless in her pursuit of knowledge, she devoted her time in exploring, researching and creating her own techniques, which would eventually enable her to produce the creations we now see.
Wings: English Watercolours, Sculptures, Sculpted Paintings
Tartaglia, Danna
Thanks for viewing my artwork.
Wings: Koi Art, abstract, floral art, Misc, Seascapes, wildlife, Horses, Rainbows n Rocks

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