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Vallet, Yannick
Van Bolderick, Robert
Robert van Bolderick
Wings: vanbolderick
Van Dam, Rajacenna
Van Den Boogaard, Ron
The icons, we communicate with in this modern world, the typography, the symbols. Intuitively made. To be intuitively viewed.
Van Der Merwe, Nico Featured!
Wings: Released June 2009, Unique, Twilight, Enigma, paintings
Van Der Werff, Liz
Beautiful, living portraits come to life under the brush of international portrait artist Liz Armon. Adults, Children and Animals. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Wings: Featured Works, Classic Portraits, Animal Portraits, Search & Rescue, Still Lifes, Landscapes, Art For Sale, Commissions
Van Der Zalm, Benjamin
Born in Brasschaat, Belgium (1985), Benjamin van der Zalm studied the arts of goldsmith and photography in Antwerp. It soon became obvious that black and white photography became a passion for him, where a mix of interests for science, philosophy, nature and minimalism contribute to the vision of his images.
Wings: Micro Versus Macro, Conceptual
Van Marciano, Fabrizio Featured!
Welcome to the d'Gallery of Van Marciano Art. Contemporary modern canvas paintings by international selling artist Fabrizio Van Marciano. Take a look at the unique and breath taking colours on canvas by this exceptional young British seascape artist.
Van Marsenille, Christiane
This gallery shows the most recent artwork of Belgian painter Christiane Van Marsenille. The paintings express her feelings in a surreal and symbolistic world. The author devotes also herself to the artistic repesentation of insects. She is an expert in scientific drawings and painting restoration.
Vance, Jill
"A painting is to each who beholds an open book by a log fire a recollection giving pleasure after the fact a sense of calm and a suggestion of tranquillity an escape from reality a delight to liven up a room or simple an object to hang on a wall"
Wings: Irish Cottages at the Sea, Irish Cottages in the Country, Irish Cottages in Moonlight, Boats, Irish Cottages at Sunset

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