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Y, Manju
Wings: Stock
Yakubova, Alina
Freeze time, thought, emotion by every means possible.
Wings: Oh, this world is so female!, surreal world
Yancey, Floria
Floria is a self-taught Southern Black Folk artist and is noted for her use of deep, vibrant colors and patterns, her abstracts are especially creative and thought provoking
Yancheng Hengsheng Insulation Co.,ltd
Yaqubi, Sina
Yarbrough, Thomas
A central thread that weaves throughout my poetry, paintings, photography and drawings is the idea of opposites: beauty and ugliness, the sublime and the idiotic, violence, gentleness, victory and despair. My art is a space where these themes meet and coexist exhibiting all there inherent contradictions. The subject matter is often heavily autobiographical, communicated through a personal symbolism and surrealism. These metaphors are anchored equally in the constructs of my f...
Yellow River Arts Featured!
Fine Asian Art Gallery. We hope you enjoy our collection of Buddhist paintings & frescoes, chinese porcelain, Japanese Raku and vintage kimono art to suit all budgets. Our artwork is by artists we know personally, who have chosen Yellow River Arts Ltd to represent their work in the west.
Wings: Kaye Cheung, Buddhist Art, Kimono Wall Art
Yermolenko, Eugene ( Evgeny)
'Iconic Symbolism' is the name I gave to most of my abstract pieces,basically founding NEW STYLE)))) The main features are:small size canvas,24K Gold Leaf, plated on most of mine acrylic items with Gold and Silver Leaf Particles torched to a canvas, Enjoy
Wings: Iconic Symbolism, Acrylic as it is
Yesdnil, Nhoj
Satirical cartoonesque fantasy's of a Naive Neurotic Surreal style Paintings and Unusual Wooden Pottery. nudes, political comedy, ravings.
Wings: oil paintings, children's ilustration, storybook illustration
Yolanda, Rev. Featured!
Abstract/figurative expressionist/surrealistic/sci-fi/dreamscape visions from otherworldly sources. Paintings on canvas using acrylic paint, house paint, spray paint, silk screen, stencil, block print, found objects, and assorted other media.
Wings: Available only in Print , Paintings on Canvas, Roger's Music and Performance

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