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Zajac, Magdalena
Thank you for visiting my virtual gallery. It offers you a glimpse of my work as an artist. My overall concern is to play with images and to divert thus different modes of representation from the strait and narrow, through minor subversive operations inspired by major questions of modern art.
Wings: They are one...., Halfanimals, Inverting colours, Memento Mori, Playing
Zampieri, Sergio Featured!
SERGIO ZAMPIERI Italian Figurative Painter SEZART STUDIO Rome-Venice
Zanetta, Maria Alejandra Featured!
The issue of who and what determines the female cannon of beauty in our society and how deeply this male construct affects women in different ways preoccupies me. P In many of my paintings I challenge the way in which women have been perceived through the centuries offering my own female perspective and deconstructing patriarchal images. Through the characters of my paintings I explore the themes of metamorphosis, growth and change. P I hope you accompany me on my journey.
Zaric, Teofana
Welcome to Teofana's dGallery!
Zauner, Manuel
Zee, Sana
Wings: Urban legends, Visual Dreams
Zero, Freelancer
Zhang, Weiqiang
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Zilioli, Massimo
I will be shortly. I have collected my art works with a sure thematic order, not temporal since to times the " topics ", during my artistic production, were overlapped. Good vision.
Wings: Buried alive, Nude, Blu, Art Brut, Zilioli inks, Zilioli contemporary, Zilioli rooms, Portraits
Zima, Tara

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