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Art Community | The d'ART Café | Wow - I almost didn't recognize the place!
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Subject: Wow - I almost didn't recognize the place!

Posted By:  StarDusty57
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Posted On:  6/8/2005 9:24 PM 8 Replies

Hello all!

Hi Jim and Lad and David... (I see a lot of names I don't recognize - guess I've been gone longer than I thought.) Any earth-shaking news I've missed in the past... hmmm... 9-10 months since I've been gone? (Gads! That's too long to stay away!)

Hope everyone is well. Doing good, myself - my son is home safe from Iraq, so life is good!

I've been painting when I can - mostly in oils and watercolors. (Actually, almost totally in oils and watercolors.) Sold quite a few this past year.

Thought I'd check in and say hi. HI!

Hugs to all!!!


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Date Posted
8 Well, Glen... StarDusty57 6/13/2005 9:37 PM
7 Very true, Lad StarDusty57 6/13/2005 9:36 PM
6 Will do, Conde. Thanks. StarDusty57 6/13/2005 9:30 PM
5 Hey David - that is BEAUTIFUL!!! StarDusty57 6/13/2005 9:29 PM
4 Congressional hearing set on published proofs of Bushit illegal Iraq war crime games Glen Etzkorn 6/10/2005 6:18 AM
3 welcome back, Barbara! LVH 6/9/2005 3:31 PM
2 Hi Barb, great to see you back! David_Baker 6/9/2005 10:21 AM
1 Welcome back Barb, tell your son THANKS so much for me. nt. condeart 6/9/2005 10:06 AM


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