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Subject: BallPoint Pen Virtues

Posted By:  jerrystith  in reply to Topic
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Posted On:  5/24/2010 7:40 PM Viewing 20 of 24 Replies

BallPoint Pen virtues!

1. Four thousand years of pen and ink history: (A quill feather was cut and prepared to be used as a dipping pen that dominated the market place for one thousand years. Metal tips or nibs became into use thereafter for recording, writing and artworks. Most other art mediums didnít exit, so comparing pen and ink to them is rather absurd because society was completely run with our medium) Pens have elevated every society throughout history for the past four or five thousand years like no medium and that indicates other art medium are lesser effective or inferior. Pen and Ink therefore has countless billions of supporters.

2. Most sold art instrument in history: How many people have exited over the past four thousand plus years is an interesting question just like how many pens or ballpoints have be used by those individuals during those times. Pen and Ink has a tremendous past as does the Biro or ballpoint pen. A ballpoint is being used via illustrations, animation, cartoons, lettering, as a mixed media, commercially, industrially, as a fashion tool and throughout the graphic or fine art communities.

3. Largest undeveloped art movement in history: A ballpoint pen became commercialized or first manufactured worldwide in 1938 in Argentina through the efforts of the Biro brothers. The Biroís failed to get production rights with the United States so shortly after that date pen companies within this country retooled and produced their own models or designs. The Bic Pen Company has already sold over one hundred billion ballpoint pens and thatís only one manufactory in the world. How many of those ballpoint pens get used for doodling, sketching, drawings, inklings or illustrations? Interrogating those artworks into our art communityís infrastructure will provide hope, prosperity, gains, sales and recognition. Our art community is of the people, for the people and by the people!

4. Longest flowing pen lines in history: In the art world spontaneity is considered very important particularly if the artist is working outdoors because things are moving unlike working from photographs which is like imitating a camera. Doodles, sketches and todayís inklings are most often based on quick long flowing full tone lines used to capture action, a mood, expression or moving motion. The lines always remain the same, never thicken or dull plus keep on going throughout your creative adventure. I have more than three and a half thousand sketches from the good old days published on the Web for the beginners, youth or children of the world. They represent a level countless millions of people interested in exploring the art world can relate to!

5. Brightest colored pen inks in history: Pen and Ink has been around for about four or five thousand years or longer than almost all other media or medium. The earlier inks came mostly in black or shades of brown. India ink was about the best because it was really black plus archival therefore most excellent as a writing, recording or artistic medium. India inks are however water based which seems to work well with black yet not colors. Blacks have a different make up or properties than do colors. That means colored inks are weak, almost transparent or not comparable to other art mediums.

Ballpoint pen inks are oil based, much thicker, radiant, brighter or beautiful in compare. Now pretty, beautiful or brilliant artworks can be produced via pen and ink as never before. Thatís New Worthy or a vast improvement within that art movement plus an attraction to millions from around the world. Iím not seeing any colored ballpoint pen drawings surfacing out of Great Britain or some other countries. Iím seeing colors coming out of China, New Zealand, Spain, France, Canada, India and some other nations throughout the world and thatís spectacular or a vast improvement.

6. Subtlest camera-ready half tone lines in history: Camera-ready means, ready for market or to go not first in a series of events multiple processes. In 1980-82 Parker Pens produced an extra (ultra) fine ballpoint pen tip that arrived in black or blue oil based inks. The cartridges are wide so massive lines or art works could be completed with each unit. The extra-fine tips were remarkable thin or much like drawing with a nail. Those tips got removed from the market place or selves because of limited sales.

The extra-fine or fine ballpoint pen tips produce an amazing thin line and thatís extremely important within the graphic art community. Eloquence, sophistication, perfection or exquisite line work describes graphic art works using very detailed lines therefore such words are appropriate for our ballpoint pen drawings. Why! A ballpoint pen can produce a half tone line that is subtler than all other graphic or fine art medium so such descriptions do apply. A new detailed or thin line elevates the sensitivity level of mankind and thatís a extraordinary statement to say the least.

7. Only oil based pen ink in history: Oil based inks can produce a half tone lines from a full tone ink supply, carry more pigments used in making brighter colors plus enables better storage. Some ballpoint penís have an ink reserve that can produce a line three quarters of a mile long! That indicates lots of fun, freedom or creative expressions to me, my friends.

8. Strongest pen tips in history: A strong ballpoint pen tip enables it to produce an outstanding carbon copy, stops breakage, lets it work on many rough surfaces, work upside down, underwater and in deep space. Sometimes it even works as a prying, scraping or digging device.

9. Best carbon copy producer in history: A ballpoint pen revolutionized record keeping, government, business because of the ability to make an excellent carbon copy!

10. Most reliable pen in history: A ballpoint pen is portable, study, reliable, effective therefore extremely popular or the greatest writing and drawing instrument in history and is being used to run society.

Jerry Stith

Mr. Jerry Stith

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