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Subject: My Biography is a Testemony: Jerry Stith

Posted By:  jerrystith  in reply to Topic
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Posted On:  5/24/2010 7:47 PM Viewing 21 of 24 Replies

My biography is a testimony before Father Good Almighty, amen!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Jerry Stith or the founder of an American Folk art program called Ball Point Pen Art, BallPoint Pen Art or Ballpointpenart. This program is introducing what a ballpoint pen can do as an art medium, instrument or movement! Ball Point Pen Art is the largest undeveloped art movement in history because of the countless billions pens sold.

I’ve had five group sites with the Microsoft Network for the past nine years that closed in Feb. 2009. My MSN forum had over 1,000 drawings by 45 artists while my new site currently has 5,700 ballpoint pen drawings, 135 video's published by over 800 artists from around the world. That means I’m the greatest publisher of what a ballpoint pen can do as an art medium for almost a decade or throughout history via the World Wide Web. [link] or [link]

The inventor of the ballpoint pen was Mr. John J. Load a citizen of the United States, residing at Weymonth, in the county of Norfolk and Common Wealth of Massachusetts, patented the first ballpoint pen. The first patent on a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October, 1888, to John J Loud, registration No. 392,046.

The pen had a rotating small steel ball bearing. As with modern ballpoint pens, the ball was held in place by a socket. It was fitted with a means for supplying heavy, sticky ink to the ball. The pen proved to be too coarse for letter writing, but it could be used to mark rough surfaces, especially leather.

However, the patent was commercially unexploited and another ballpoint pen device was patented by Van Vechten Riesburg in 1916. The patent lapsed without improvement renewal. Commercial models appeared in 1895, but the first satisfactory model of a ballpoint pen was designed by two Hungarian brothers living in Argentina: Lazlo, a journalist, and George Biro, a chemist. Lazlo noticed that the type of ink used in newspaper printing dried quickly, leaving the paper dry and smudge-free.

He decided to create a pen using quick-drying ink instead of India ink. The thicker ink, though, would not flow from an ordinary pen nib and Biro had to devise a new type of point. Lazlo put a tiny metal ball bearing in the tip of a pen, the success of the ballpoint pen is due to the accuracy in which the ball is ground.

A ballpoint pen can produce three unique lines that no other pen system in history have ever done. A long flowing line, dark rich colors and the subtlest camera ready art line in history. Introducing those qualities, artists and their ballpoint pen ink drawings to the world is what my American folk art program has done before one billion others worldwide.

Today, I’ve archived, documented, recorded and published ballpoint pen art and that’s “News Worthy” or “Art History in the making”!

I started drawing with a ballpoint pen in 1968. While I was still in high school. In those days I carried paper and pens everywhere I went, therefore over four thousand sketches or drawings got completed. Practice, practice and practice is what it took me to become better at drawings and nothing else. I started off with a black and blue ink then obtained red plus green. Years later I discovered Lindy Pens that had twelve colors including brown and gold which really inspirited me to say the least. I have more colors within my ballpoint pen drawings than all other artists on the Web for the past nine years as of this month. March 2009 will mark my tenth year on the Web as an International publisher or artist!

I was raised as a military brat therefore moving around became a way of life. Having a portable art medium was very valued because creativity could continue no matter what took place throughout my travels. Ink helped me become bolder, confident, skilled and inspired so progress and much happiness came my way while producing works in public because of the thousands of people coming to my side for a peek. Drawing outside in my opinion supersedes using photo’s or objects indoors because of the lighting.

Pen and Ink helped elevate mankind’s entire history. Manuscripts, books, the bible, treaties, poems, songs, checks, carbon copies, drawings, documents and many other extremely important things throughout history got produced via some kind of a pen. How many of those things have you seen completed with oil paints. Oil painters always say, Oils are King of the fine arts. Well pens are the greatest writing, drawing and carbon copy makers in history plus are used to run the world not just a fine art medium. Pen and Inks are the King of kings!

Go write a check, letter, post card or sign a treaty with your oil paints. Let's pretend we have wisdom, a brain or some form of intelligence when it comes to such matters.

Hopefully many of you folks will bring out your ballpoint pens to produce another fantastic ink drawing and produce history. Please show me a camera-ready medium that can out produce the ballpoint pens extra-fine or fine half tone lines!

The Bic (Stationary) Pen Company indicated several years ago that they’ve manufactured their first hundred billionth ballpoint! It seemed that countless billions of people throughout history have doodled, scribbled, sketched, drawn, illustrated or completed inklings with a ballpoint pen. I saw that as a phenomenal achievement therefore promoting it’s artistic values became a full time project. Nine years thus far went into publishing artists, artworks, stats, ISO/DIN or colored ink information for those interested.

Ballpoint pen animation, video, comics, illustrations, digital art, interactive art, commercial layouts, blogs, slide shows, sites, drawings, sketches, doodles, inklings or other art formats have been produced by me, in order to demonstrate how versatile a ballpoint really is as a medium. Integrating ballpoint pen art into society or our social network will clearly benefit all those using this medium, instrument and movement.

I’m currently publishing 800 different ballpoint pen artists from around the world to let visitors see many techniques, styles, variations, colors, images or expressions all in one location. People can rap their minds around something until they actually see the real deal. I therefore accumulated the highest level of artworks possible in order to see quality or things that can inspire others.

A good ballpoint can produce a half mile long flowing line which increases spontaneous creativity as never seen before in art history. That mean your finished product is unique or unlike all other art mediums therefore something very special. That means the artist shouldn’t be comparing it with other mediums or media because it can stand on its own. That also means capturing action, motion, nature, animals in a field or other none stable objects can become far more enjoyable and accurate.

A ballpoint pen is the only pen in histo

Mr. Jerry Stith

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