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Subject: 17 BallPoint Pen Qualities

Posted By:  jerrystith  in reply to Topic
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Posted On:  5/24/2010 7:53 PM Viewing 22 of 24 Replies

17 Ballpoint pen†qualities

1. Most sold pen system in history! (oil based inks)
2. Most sold art medium in history! (popular)
3. Best carbon copy making tool in history! (produces consistent dark lines)
4. Longest flowing line in history! (one mile long line cartridge capacity)
5. Subtlest camera-ready half tone art lines in history! (Elevates mankindís graphic art lines to a new sensitivity level)
6. Only pen system that can draw underwater in history! (research, communications, measuring)
7. Only pen system that can draw upside down in history! (extremely practicable on the job tool)
8. Only pen system that can draw in space throughout history! (gravity-free void) (space or high flying airplanes)
9. Only pen system that works in the freezing cold in history! (-50F) (pressurized jel inks)
10. Darkest full toned colored pen inks in history! (dark rich colors)
11. Only oil-based pen ink in history! (all other pen systems used water based inks)
12. Only pen in history that draws over grease! (Works over many surfaces, textures and conditions)
13. Only pen system in history to work in extreme heat (+250F) of Space! (industrial conditions or adverse conditions)
14. Strongest pen tips in history! (portable, works for prying, digging or scraping)
15. Strongest pen casings in history! (durable, portable, practicable)
16. Largest pen ink reserve in history! (spontaneous creations, capturing motion, quick action)
17. Easiest pen system in history to use! (children and most other can use with minimal instructions)

Mr. Jerry Stith

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