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Subject: Jerry Stith: ballpoint art leadership statement

Posted By:  jerrystith  in reply to Topic
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Posted On:  10/29/2010 3:17 PM  (Updated on 10/29/2010 3:32 PM by jerrystith) Viewing 23 of 24 Replies

Ballpoint pen art movement

Pen and ink has been around for over four thousand years therefore its one of the old art mediums known by mankind. A pen was used to produce a bible, manuscripts, books, documents, treaties, novels, letters, checks plus many other very important things that elevated mankind. Pen s also shaped governments, businesses, literature, musical scores, plays, opera along with many other infrastructure functions throughout our society. In addition to that they totally dominated the art world for thousands of years in the picture making world!

Modern technical advancements improved our pens, tips and inks yet pen and ink artworks have tremendously declined in popularity to say the least. The ballpoint was invented in 1888 by J.J. Load by an American yet not manufactured until 1938 by the Biro brothers out of Argentina. The Biroís retooled the earlier ballpoint design then patented it which in turn worked its way to the Bic stationary company. In 2005 they reported their first one hundred billionth sale and thatís not bad knowing thereís only around eight billion people currently residing on this planet. What happened to all those ballpoint pens is what Iím wondering?

This list describes seventeen virtues of a ballpoint pen that supports its place in history. A ballpoint pen is the only pen system in history that operates with an oil based ink! The Uni-ball or roller-ball both have a water based ink therefore they qualify as a ballpoint pen my friends.

1. *Four thousand year pen and ink history!
2. *Most sold writing&art instrument in history!
3. *Largest undeveloped art movement in history!
4. *Longest flowing pen lines in history!
5. *Brightest colored pen inks in history!
6. *Subtlest camera-ready half tone lines in history!
7. *Only oil based pen ink in history!
8. *Strongest pen tips in history!
9. *Best carbon copy producer in history!
10. *Most reliable pen in history!
11. *Produces half tone lines from a full tone ink!
12. *Can use upside down!
13. *Works underwater!
14. *Operates in extreme hot or cold!
15. *Writes in outer space!
16. *Draws over grease!
17. *Is the easiest pen to use!

Ballpoint pen art is the largest developing art movement in history. Establishing a format or foundation of what ballpoint art represents is needed in order to become part of societies art infrastructure. Oddly enough no other person, company, corporation or organization has addressed this issue therefore that opportunity has become of my interest to me. This abbreviated list touches on many things Iíve done over the past decade to lay down a foundation for the ballpoint pen art movement. Documenting, recording or archiving all of these areaís of interest basically represents ballpoint pen art history. Iím the most prolific ballpoint pen artist, publisher, video producer and information provider via the WWW. All of these combined achievements produced historic, international, national, state and local world records which in turn makes me or Jerry Stith leader of the ballpoint pen art movement. (It doesnít matter what I believe, itís a matter of what I can prove.)

1. * Published 1,000 worldwide ballpoint pen artists (International representation)
2. * Publishing 6,721 oil based ballpoint drawings (greatest examples in history)
3. * Ballpoint videos 372 (most comprehensive collection on the WWW)
4. * Ballpoint inklings, scribbles, doodles, sketches, renderings, drawings&illustrations
5. * Ballpoint commercial ballpoint layouts (examples of what people can do with a ballpoint artwork)
6. * Ballpoint animation art (introducing a new mixed medium or adding motion)
7. * Ballpoint morphing (interactive digital artworks)
8. * Ballpoint slide shows (new display function)
9. * Ballpoint blogs
10. * Ballpoint sites
11. * Ballpoint digital art (expanding the use of a ballpoint artwork)
12. * Ballpoint illustrations
13. * Ballpoint cartoon/Comic
14. * Ballpoint design/Interactive art (various computer formats)
15. * Classical realism ballpoint art
16. * Impressionism ballpoint art
17. * Abstracts ballpoint art
18. * Multi-colored ballpoint art
19. * Mono ballpoint art
20. * Black&white ballpoint art
21. * Ballpoint Domain Names .net, .com, .org, .us
22. * ISO/DIN Archival Ink list
23. * Colored Pen and Refill list
24. * Steadfast Light test results
25. * Ballpoint Pen History information
26. * Ballpoint ink test results (steadfast)
27. * Ballpoint company list
28. * Ballpoint tips extra bold, bold, medium, fine, ultra-fine, extra-fine (informing people of two new ballpoint tips)
29. * Ballpoint pen art statements (development & history)
30. * Archiving ballpoint pen artists (names)
31. * Archiving ballpoint pen artists statements
32. * Produced an American folk art program called: Ball Point Pen Art that is establishing the largest art movement in history, ballpoint pen art which is an extension of our Pen And Ink art movement that has been around four thousand plus years!
33. * Produced the largest pen & ink and ballpoint pen art sites on the Web
34. * Published 2,000 ballpoint pen images
35. * Framed my ballpoint pen pictures for display

This up coming April marks my eleventh year here on the Internet. During that duration of time thousands and thousands of hours has gone into researching ballpoint pens, inks, steadfast ink tests, others artists sites, networks, forums and related topics pertaining to ballpoint pen art. Gathering materials and posting them on this site has been a dream come true because its provided me an opportunity to help others and to express myself worldwide. Billions of people have used a ballpoint pen throughout times for art in my opinion yet for the most part our movement is still off the grid. Why arenít pen companies, suppliers, publishers and the art community supporting the artist?

Mr. Jerry Stith

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