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Subject: Ballpointpenart: leadership

Posted By:  jerrystith  in reply to Topic
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Posted On:  11/15/2010 10:26 AM Viewing 24 of 24 Replies

I’m establishing ballpoint pen art as a movement, instrument and medium which helps billions of people throughout history, or those here today and for those yet to arrive. The ballpoint pen was first invented and patented by J.J. Load by an American therefore its part of our heritage. My American folk art program called Ball Point Pen Art is also part of this countries heritage because its introducing the largest undeveloped art movement in history. That was done by being the most prolific ballpoint pen artist, video producer, publisher and information provider on the WWW for the past ten and a half years!

Here’s a list of things I’ve done to help all the ballpoint pen artists from around the world throughout history that takes in billions of people. I love helping others as a born again Christian, artist, publisher, researcher and person. My love of ballpoint pen art motivated me to do all of these things as a “labor of love” in order to establish this art movement. No others in history took on this task therefore it I choose to lead the way!

1. I archived, documented, recorded and published 1,000 people as ballpoint pen art history.

2. I published 6,400 ballpoint pen artworks and 372 videos that demonstrates what a ballpoint can do as an art medium!

3. I posted 480 blog entries in order to provide with useful information.

4. I provided 199 great art URL’s to help those interested.

5. I posted many ballpoint pen art statements with many places on the Web to record art history and to inform people about this movements progress for about 9 years.

6. I received over a half million hits and 7,661 fantastic comments on my 200 artworks which indicates how much people appreciates my endeavors. (ArtWanted)

7. I presented a 10 Point program in order to suggest what would help this art movement.

8. I have my materials listed with 35 plus different places on the Web to get out news pertaining this art movement.

9. I developed 35 different forms of interest to advance the ballpoint pen art movement.

10. I posted 30 suggestions to help ballpoint pen artists get ahead in the art world.

11. I posted 51 photographs and names of different colored ballpoint pens and refills.

12. I posted three different lists of colored ballpoint pens and refills throughout time.

13. I posted a list of 39 ISO/DIN archival ballpoint pens.

14. I've done more to advance the pen and ink art movement than all others by promoting the most sold pen in history, a ballpoint pen by name.

15. I have the most popular ballpoint pen art group and page with Facebook than all others.

16. I have more ballpoint pen videos posted than all meta or regular search engines.

17. I have the best over all ballpoint pen art collection and artists published than all other locations on the Web.

18. My sites have had the greatest search engine ratings on the WWW for ten and a half years.

19. I have more multi colored ballpoint pen artworks published than all other places on the Web.

20. I have 1,900 artworks, videos, animated or interactive plus commercial formatted ballpoint pen pictures published on the WWW.

Cheers, Jerry Stith

Mr. Jerry Stith

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