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Paintings from different times of my life. Some of them are sold, but some are available. There are four styles of works: Nudes, paintings of statues, wildlife and still life. I love them all and can paint them at any moment.

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Subject: ĦDealing with a bad gallery!

Posted By:  lucarini
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Posted On:  9/19/2000 6:06 PM 0 Replies

My husband Camilo Lucarini, is a well known painter. He was invited last January to make two exhibitions in Miami - Florida. We live in South America (between Buenos Aires - Argentina, and Punta del Este - Uruguay). Although it represents a lot of expenses, moving with the paintings, and travelling in High Dates (the exhibitions took place one on the 6th. of January in ArtEXPO Florida in Coconut Grove Convention Center, and the other on January 12/2000, at a place in Coral Gables - Florida). With the first one, there were no problems.
But with the other.... They sold at least four paintings (as we are far we cannot check how things are), but we only cash two, and for the other two they send us only u$s. 500 of the total amount of u$s. 6,500 saying that the client didn't pay all, but that he will... That is from about three months ago.
Now I have to travel to Miami, to take the paintings out of that gallery (15 works from small sizes to very big sizes) , and find another gallery in Miami area, to put them for sale.
żDoes anybody knows what gallery might be interested in some of the paintings that can be seen in the following place?

Any comments would be very much apreciated.


Beatriz Gay Lucarini

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