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Subject: Rhythm and Movement- Group Exhibition Open Call

Posted By:  lanasantorelli
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Posted On:  3/6/2012 12:18 PM 0 Replies

Lana Santorelli Gallery
(Hoboken NJ)

Lana Santorelli Gallery is currently curating "Rhythm and Movement," a music/dance-themed group exhibition for 2012.  This show is slated to run from May 12th to June 24th, 2012. The submission deadline is Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 11:59 am.

We invite you to submit your work!

Any work that relates to this theme will be considered for exhibition, regardless of medium.  With your submission, please include your brief resume, artist statement, cover letter, and artwork detail list (including title, medium, dimensions, and artist's compensation expected for of each piece submitted) with up to 20 images for the newly reduced curation fee of $20.

To submit work, please visit Please note, if your work is chosen for exhibition, we ask that our artists contribute $80 to share in the promotion costs.

If your work is a good fit for the gallery, we will contact you directly.  Artists chosen will be announced on our website approximately 3-4 weeks before each exhibition begins.


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