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d'ART ID#: 109050
Length: 20.00 in (50.80 cm)
Height: 20.00 in (50.80 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: N
Year Created:
Media Types:
Giclee , Paper
Style & Subject:
Figurative , Surrealism , Symbolism
Submitted by wash2006
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Just the One
Limited Edition Prints - US $525.00

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Seller Comments...
"Just the One" by Nadeem

Limited Edition Giclee on Fine Art Paper-MATTED

Edition Size - 195

"Please call 866-Fine-Art (866-346-3278) for CURRENT AVAILABILITY & additional information."

"Availability/Prices subject to change."


"I was born in Epsom in 1973 and grew up in Worcester Park in a loving family consisting of my English mother, Pakistani father and elder brother.

I am a keen observer of everyday life so my ideas are created from images I see all around. I also dig deep into thoughts, feelings and emotions that I may be experiencing at the time. I feel that people are very similar in many ways, so expressing my feelings can often strike a chord with those who relate to the situations that I put my characters in.

I have always been fascinated by light and the shadows, forms, mood and atmosphere it can create. During my time as a scenic artist I learnt so much from the artists I worked with, they have a vast knowledge of all aspects of art, light, perspective and colour. They are almost like modern day equivalents of the renaissance masters, taking on commissions and designs on a grand scale.

The characters I use could be each and every one of us at any time and they are large in order to represent the consumer society we live in. I choose to keep them anonymous by not showing their faces but give them their personality through body language and posture.

I like to keep an element of mystery about my paintings leaving them open to individual interpretation.

The works of Edward Hopper are an inspiration to me. His eerie images leave you wanting to know so much more and force you to decide their meanings for yourself. He had an amazing ability to paint the moment before the moment.

Caravaggio was undoubtedly a master painter, and in contrast to Hopper he painted the actual moment. His paintings are still controversial and shocking to this day.

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