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d'ART ID#: 111713
Length: 30.00 cm
Height: 30.00 cm
Depth: 2.00 cm
Framed: Y
Year Created:
Media Types:
Style & Subject:
Asian , Folk , Zodiac
Submitted by galleriapangea
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Furui Yan
Paper Cut (framed), 'Double Dragon'
Furui Yan
Etchings - US $36.00

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Seller Comments...
A green dragon and a red dragon are playing with each other chasing a fire ball across the sky. The scales of the dragons are carved with exquisite technique. The scales of red dragon are cut in relief. Different with the red one, the scales of green dragon are cut in intaglio.

This framed paper cutting artwork is made with only a pair of scissors and Chinese water color paints.

Chinese paper cutting is a unique art form, since paper was invented in China and has existed there for thousands of years. Common designs are animals, flowers and figures, cut with scissors or knife, mainly made to decorate doors and windows. Paper cuttings are also called window flowers or cutting pictures. Paper cutting has long history featuring both national and regional themes.

Though the end product is usually small in size, it can reflect many aspects of life such as prosperity, health, or the harvest. Some cuttings represent stories about the happiness gained from the accomplishment of common goals.

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