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d'ART ID#: 126630
Length: 30.00 in (76.20 cm)
Height: 30.00 in (76.20 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: Y
Year Created:
Media Types:
Board , Canvas
Style & Subject:
Submitted by wash2006
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Mark Spain
Eternal Flame
Mark Spain
Limited Edition Prints
Retail: $1,265.00
Our Price: $1,200.00

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Seller Comments...
"Eternal Flame" by Mark Spain
Framed Canvas on Board
Limited Edition Print
Signed and Numbered
Edition Size 150
Suggested Retail $1265 BUT MAKE AN OFFER
Please call 866-FINE-ART (866-346-3278)or email us for more information
Availability and Price Subject to Change

This is an image with strong back lighting, showing just enough of the figure emerging out of the darkness. I always enjoy painting the strong highlights around the figure towards the end of the painting. This is one of the last things I do and it always seems to bring the image to life.

"My ideas can come from many sources, but are more often than not prompted by music. The majority of ideas develop when Iím working on another painting or in the evening when Iím relaxing. When this happens I do a small thumbnail size sketch so that I donít forget it. Then at a later date I work the sketches up, until I can visualise it as a painting, with the use of models and props.

I believe that the mood and feeling within the painting are as important as the composition. This is an area that I enjoy exploring - itís such an exciting challenge to try and capture a moment (good music at this point always helps).

I always like to create a little energy with the brush strokes, to help give the finished painting some life. Once finished I often place the picture out of sight for a few days and then re-visit it later with fresh eyes to see how I feel about it, and whether I can improve it in any way.

When painting abstracts, my approach is somewhat more spontaneous. I donít usually have any preconceived ideas, and I just allow the image to happen. Colour choice depends on my mood and I usually work on several images at once. I will continue to work on them over a period of several months, sometimes painting major changes to the image many times, until Iím satisfied with the end result."

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