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d'ART ID#: 126729
Length: 16.50 in (41.91 cm)
Height: 20.00 in (50.80 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: N
Year Created:
Media Types:
Giclee , Paper
Style & Subject:
Cityscape , Impressionism
Submitted by wash2006
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Jeff Rowland
Moonlight Waltz
Jeff Rowland
Limited Edition Prints - US $345.00

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Seller Comments...
"MOONLIGHT WALTZ" by Jeff Rowland

Limited Edition Giclee on Fine Art Paper-unmatted

Edition Size - 150

Also available matted, please call or email for pricing.

"Please call 866-Fine-Art (866-346-3278) for additional information."

"Availability/Prices subject to change."

"I have tried to move this painting on by the use of trees. I first used trees in a painting I created last year called 'Worth Waiting For'. Here we have a city park which could be any city park in any country and a couple caught in the rain. They are on a park bench, sheltering from the downpour. In this painting the trees are much more pronounced. They frame the couple and also give a depth of field as they fall away into the background. Why are the couple out in the pouring rain? Are they running away together? Or don't they care about the rain as long as they are together? I like to think that the viewer has the answer."


I have always been fascinated in two areas of art; the implicit meaning and the inspiration. I was inspired to paint a rain soaked street through films I saw at the cinema. I watched The Bridges of Madison County, a film about an accidental relationship between a man and woman. The film is always shot in beautiful sunshine, until the end, when the relationship has to end and the rain really falls, giving an implicit meaning that the relationship is being washed away. The Road to Perdition is another example. At the end of the film, relationships are ending, implied by the use of falling rain.

I like to let the viewer of the painting make their own mind up about what is happening with the characters in the composition. I like to add street signs pointing in two different directions suggesting that these two people are coming together, or are they splitting up? Maybe they are having an affair; is their love a secret or are they simply going back to the bar where they first met? This is also helped by composing the painting on a street corner. A view of two roads meeting or two paths crossing. In their relationship, has the bar become 'their bar'? The viewer has the answer.

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