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d'ART ID#: 134594
Length: 30.00 in (76.20 cm)
Height: 41.25 in (104.78 cm)
Depth: 0.12 in (0.31 cm)
Framed: N
Year Created:
Media Types:
Board , Canvas
Style & Subject:
Figurative , Musical , Romanticism
Submitted by wash2006
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Hamish Blakely
Between Expressions
Hamish Blakely
Limited Edition Prints
Retail: $1,050.00
Our Price: $1,025.00

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Seller Comments...
"Between Expressions" by Hamish Blakely

Limited Edition Canvas on Board

Edition Size - 150

"Please call 866-Fine-Art (866-346-3278) or email for CURRENT AVAILABILITY & PRICING."

"Availability/Prices subject to change.

"The majestic manoeuvre of the couple caught in mid-step creates a real sense of tension and power. The woman is hoisted high across the man's body as he twists and turns moments before this dynamic gesture moves in the opposite direction. The position of the two dancers was created to convey the sense of momentum. The intriguing element of this piece is that they are both in commanding poses. His intentions are made clear as he pulls his head close to her chest and squeezes her waist, the tight gathering of her dress revealing the urgency in which they are moving. During this vigorous step, there is a profound contrast in the energy of this whirling vortex and the grace of her bearing. The proud up-tilt of her head and the strength of her clasp adds a noble quality to the piece which invites the viewer to speculate on the real balance of power. It adds another layer to a painting that, at its core, celebrates the full-blooded energy of passion."

Hamish Blakely

"As far as subject matter is concerned, I have always loved painting people, favouring glimpses of figures and anatomy. Even in the enormous, allegorical works of classical masters, I have always been drawn to confined areas of a piece - a spotlit area that reveals a rigid jaw line, or the twist in a turned neck. Often I like to have images remain that simple - paring down extraneous material to leave what feels ephemeral. Other times, I need more of a setting and the reward is in the discipline of being more representative. Ultimately what makes me work is that, despite all the wonderful breakthroughs and milestones I have experienced in painting over the years, I never feel that I have quite nailed it. There is always more to be done, as I think it is very difficult to measure what your potential is, only the gratification that you have not yet reached it."

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