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d'ART ID#: 134659
Length: 16.00 in (40.64 cm)
Height: 16.00 in (40.64 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: N
Year Created:
Media Types:
Giclee , Paper
Style & Subject:
Landscape , Realism , Rural
Submitted by wash2006
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John Waterhouse
Morning Charm
John Waterhouse
Limited Edition Prints - US $390.00

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Seller Comments...
"Morning Charm" by John Waterhouse

Limited Edition Giclee on Fine Art Paper-UNMATTED

Edition Size -150

"Also available matted, please call 866-Fine-Art (866-346-3278) or email for CURRENT AVAILABILITY & PRICING."

"Availability/Prices subject to change.

"Nature's tonic! That is how I see the countryside. No complications, everything is simple and straightforward. A place where you can open your mind and daydream, be creative, be a child again or just simply have time to think.

Out here nothing matters, there are no interruptions and no distractions. The times to cherish are the times we share.

The countryside and nature are there for us, and although for some it takes a little more searching; for others I believe it gives us the vital balance in our lives.

My aim as an artist is to give people through my paintings a vehicle into which they can put their own thoughts and stories."


Growing up in a rural Staffordshire village helped me to understand the beauty of the countryside, which I still feel so important in order to portray its true character. Being close to the subject matter is of great advantage to me for the constant reference I need to support my work.

When painting a landscape, a lot of the information is there, but more often than not something extra needs to be added, or changed slightly. A cloud formation, a distant figure, or perhaps the way the light is falling. With landscapes I feel it is not so much an idea, but an ability to balance and compose, to a certain extent, what is already there. I find the English countryside very romantic. Fields and trees to me have their own character and history, just as a person does. By taking plenty of time to study the view that I am about to paint, helps me to decide the areas that require toning down and the areas that need to be made more vivid, if any, in order to emphasise it’s character.

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