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d'ART ID#: 150084
Length: 10.00 in (25.40 cm)
Height: 9.40 in (23.88 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: N
Year Created:
Media Types:
Digital Impression
Style & Subject:
Contemporary , Illustration , Political
Submitted by Samfoto
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Sam Smith
'Red of The Right'
Sam Smith
Digital Art - US $65.00

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Seller Comments...
'RED of THE RIGHT', © 2009 - Sam Smith: Considering the litany of current issues that lie in the arena of the survival of humanity and the very earth upon which we live: a world-wide breakdown of the economic system, threats of nuclear exchange and the piracy that threaten a widening of the "war on terrorism", it is the most audacious cartoon created, by millions and their political arm in Washington DC that surround such issues as the human rite of 'same sex marriage'. Maybe while argument is taking place in DC over such issues: the dollar will be devalued to .10 cents, a tipping point of the Earths' destruction will occur, or perhaps America will be blasted into oblivion, what a thoughtless disregard of the 'people' pulling the strings of power!, a matter of a great distortion of priorities. This graphic was originally created as a way through these frustrations, as stickers posted in public places - mostly the East Village of N.Y.C.

All materials, techniques and pigments used in producing this print adhere to museum conservation protocols. Signed frontally with title and copyright. Should a size, different from the one indicated above, be desired, we may come to a mutually determined pricing. All measurements are from image edge to opposing edge of the visual, this will include all the art intended to be seen through the mat opening. Shipping and or insurance will be borne by purchaser. By obtaining this work you agree to all copyright statutes that apply.

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