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d'ART ID#: 92142
Length: 17.50 cm
Height: 25.00 cm
Depth: 0.50 cm
Framed: N
Year Created: 1952
Media Types:
Book , Drawing
Style & Subject:
Architecture , Classical , Historical
Submitted by artia44
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Roger Tourte(1902-72)
Mykonos, Cycladic Isle
Roger Tourte(1902-72)
Other - US $114.00

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Seller Comments...
] ?MYCONOS ? Ile de l Egee, Cyclades, Greece. Price: € 95.00

R. TOURTE’s Book on Myconos is the architect’s and artist’s delight, many years out of print.
A 1952 publication, it is a systematic architectural study of Myconos and Delos (CycladicArchitecture) .
With almost 120 drawings, pp64, size 10”x 7?25x17.5 cm) It is a piece of "Architectural Poetry",critics say. Also, see pp22…Le Poeme Des Cheminees. The French text is a literary narration covering tradition, custom, history, with plenty of cross-references to : Homer , Hesiod, Pindar, Hugo, Gourmont, Flaubert, Ludwig , etc.

This Book is, certainly, a lot more than a Tourist Guide.

Condition: Book&Album as issued (50 years ago).First and only Edition,
Unused, Rare.

R o g e r T O U R T E

THE AEGEAN ISLES. Tradition-Color-Dazzling Light-History,

painted by Roger TOURTE (1902-72). French/Painter/Architect/
Writer/Late PhilHellenique Traveller.
Ref.: his Exhib. in The LOUVRE (Pavillon du Marsan),Paris,1933.
The most extensive Opaque Watercolors Collection on Greece.
Watercolors,Greece,Aegean Isles,Cyclades,Mykonos,Santorini,etc.

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