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d'ART ID#: 108170
Length: 26.00 in (66.04 cm)
Height: 36.00 in (91.44 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: N
Year Created:
Media Types:
Style & Subject:
Asian , Historical
Submitted by Hostallero
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Gary Hostallero
Grey Horse Shogun
Gary Hostallero
Limited Edition Prints - US $3,500.00

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Hand Enhanced ARTIST PROOF
"Grey Horse Shogun" by Gary Hostallero
Limited Edition Mixed Media Print
Printed On Archival Coventey Paper
Embossing & Foiling
Gold Mica Enhanced
Edition Size of 50

Limited Availability- Average Retail Price is $3500

Availability and Prices Subject to Change
Call For the d'ART for Special Price 866-FINE-ART (800-346-3278)

The second of the Great Unifiers of Japan, Hideyoshi was the son of a peasant woodcutter, who had run away from the temple where he was being trained as a monk to enlist in an army as an ashigaru (peasant troops). He subsequently absconded from his first master and joined Oda Nobunaga, who had an eye for talent. Hideyoshi’s subsequent progress up the ranks developed at a rate unequaled by any other samurai in the history of Japan. In April 1583, ten months after Nobunaga’s death, Hideyoshi controlled thirty provinces, a domain which had taken Nobunaga twenty years to subdue.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam, Hostallero lived in Japan for three years. With his Korean, Filipino and Spanish family background, he found himself attracted to the wisdom, spirit and aesthetics of the Orient. In the Japanese mind, the samurai code of dedication to duty was viewed as a guiding light, a way to live each day. He, too, began to walk the path that illuminated. The inner strength he had called upon to survive the Vietnam Tet offensive was channeled into a new personal confidence and commitment. Until this time, Hostallero’s art had been little more than a pastime. Now it has emerged as a powerful force from within him.
Hostallero’s time is devoted to developing and refining his own unique works, celebrating the ancient warrior mystique of feudal Japan. It is safe to say that Hostallero’s mastery of his media is simply unmatched. Combining pen and ink, watercolors, acrylics, and air brushing using fine particles of gold mica, Gary has created an innovative compositional style that truly stands alone in today’s art world.

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