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My art is me. its that simple. Art emerges from within me. it is the result of an intense creative process. I try to find a balance between action painting and realism. my art is pure, direct and powerful. i hope you like it. since they are tokes of beauty. in this sad, hard, brutal world.

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patrick gysemberg
Screen Name: mylifeisart
Real Name: patrick gysemberg
Member Since: 12/28/2002 7:59:00 AM
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Patrick Gysemberg


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Patrick Gysemberg

never ending hope the clown for raped tanz. girls

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Patrick Gysemberg

wine number seven

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Patrick Gysemberg

queen paola detail of portrait

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Patrick Gysemberg


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Messages posted 92
again, identical dreams, my god how common we all are... - 9/4/2004
lol, but a great experience anyway! and i love flying by the way. best patrick:)
identical dreams of flying - can this be? - 9/4/2004
the way you discribed yr fling dreams are identical to mine...I never go down neither, then i wake up...but i also am yo...
does anyone fly ion his dreams? i actually do fly quite a lot - 9/2/2004
really like a bird, and i feel myself coming off the ground and go up, feeling the fear not to go too high because of s...
well to end up all commotion : i made it three times - 5/5/2004
the fourth one was a close 45 % yes and 55 % no. thanks for all of yr help and support. but as my dad just found my art ...
too late, to vote only till 12.00 hrs, but i think it has been in vain now - 4/20/2004
after tree times, they had enough of my attempts and maybe they are right! but i ll not die saying that i did not try.
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