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Oksana Sulimova:Trans-Continental Fine-Art

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Oksana Sulimova
Screen Name: ArtbyOksana
Real Name: Oksana Sulimova
Member Since: 11/21/2004 3:43:00 PM
Company: Oksana Sulimova:Trans-Continental Fine-Art
Member Type: Artist
Web Site: http://
Offered for critical review: 24 
Critiques Received: 242 
Critiques Posted: 169 
Favorites: 0 
Oksana Sulimova

Lost Souls

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Oksana Sulimova

Ladies of the Renaissance Fair

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Oksana Sulimova

Morning Roses

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Oksana Sulimova

Visiting Old Williamsburg

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Oksana Sulimova

Alina's Dream Outside of Eden

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Messages posted 18
Short Attention Spans-Its all about the money... - 1/9/2008
Blade Runner, though violent, was an exceptional example of well adapted Sci-Fi that rose to the level of art. There wa...
Michael, this is absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for posting... - 7/19/2007
I need to trace the link. Michael, do you know who developed this video? Amazing find, thanks again.
There is a rather simple answer to the AIAAs problem... - 11/3/2006
Ban all public photography, they don't have this problem in many middle eastern countries after all-seems no one knows w...
Profile pics.... - 4/23/2006
I thought I was the only one with this problem...clearly though I am not.:-)
Some Interior Design is definitely going to be an improvement! - 11/5/2005
Its wonderful you have taken the initiative to rally the troops and and make the request for some much needed design imp...
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