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Name: Dmitry D. Emelyanov Send Email
Member Since: Wednesday, October 14, 1998
Company: A Miniature Sculpture Art Studio.
Member Type: Artist/Individual
d'Gallery: http://www.fine-art.com/members/1919
Phone: +79211947189
Address: http://artmini.narod.ru
Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod region  173020
Web Site: http://artmini.narod.ru
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DDE(f) /Dmitry D. Emelyanov/ is a Russian artist who work in the miniature sculpture technique. He born in 6 December 1967 in Leningrad(now St.-Peterburg, Russia). DDE(f) has no special art education. All that he have in art experience - he have reached himself. DDE(ft) is self-...

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Dmitry Emelyanov
US $27,000.00
Emelyanov, Dmitry
Dmitry Emelyanov
US $29,750.00
Emelyanov, Dmitry
Dmitry Emelyanov
US $6,500.00
Emelyanov, Dmitry
Dmitry Emelyanov
US $68.00
Emelyanov, Dmitry
Dmitry Emelyanov
US $579.00
Emelyanov, Dmitry
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Dmitry D. Emelyanov

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